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Ready to boost your stream monetization to the next level?

With Max Value, you get the tool you need to earn more from your streams and make your audience more loyal.

Max Value - Earn More!

With our easy-to-use widget and secure payment system, Max Value makes it easy for streamers to generate revenue and interact with their audiences in new fun and engaging way. Join us today and start unlocking the full potential of your live stream auctions!

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Additional revenue stream

Auction mechanics help activate an audience that doesn't want to give money just like that.

Higher audience involvement in the stream

Fun mechanic of viewers engagement. Auctions provide more value to the audience.

More revenue from brand integrations

New tool for brand integrations and. Unique way to present new products from brand. Streamer gets more money from auction then brand ready to spent.

Activates audience which want to buy personal stuff from the streamer

By selling physical and digital items, as well as interactions with themselves, streamers  provide a more personalized experience for their audience.


How it works

Simple steps to start auction today


Register & create the auction


Choose the item to sell & sets up the auction


Place the auction widget on your stream by adding it as a layer in OBS or other streaming software


Your viewers will see the widget on your stream & can scan the QR-code by smartphone


Viewers makes the highest bіd, wins & receives the item after the payment

Streamers love us

“On average, I get $150 per auction. There was even four integrations with a brands that gave me for free an exclusive items for my auctions. During one of the integrations I sold customized headphones for $660 (their retail price is $80).”

Dobra Divka


Conducted auctions


Boost Your Revenue And Audience Loyalty With Live Stream Auctions

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